Winning a Pulitzer

I sell vintage men’s clothing as well as women’s, but I find that other people aren’t as interested in men’s vintage fashion. That makes me happy because at auctions and estate sales I get better prices and variety.

I recently went to my second jaw-dropping sale in the past couple of months and picked up a couple of really nifty men’s items. I also discovered a Lilly Pulitzer men’s blazer. Hooray! As a former journalist I can finally says I won a Pulitzer!

After researching Lilly Pulitzer men’s clothing, I’m on the hunt. What funky and fantastic stuff! Check out this vintage blazer from Polyvore:

Lilly Pulitzer - Vintage Lilly Pulitzer Mens Stuff Sport Jacket-40


My blazer isn’t quite as  flashy, but researching it opened me up to a whole new world.

According to Dress That Man Socialite Lilly Pulitzer opened a juice stand in Palm Beach and found squeezing citrus made a mess of her clothing. So she found a dressmaker who would make her an outfit that would hide the stains. Viola! Necessity being the mother of invention, a new clothing line was born. You can read the whole DTM article here.

As you can see, my blazer is pretty sedate on the outside:

blog 1

But on the inside? It’s all kinds of fun:

Blog 2

Here’s the tag …

Blog 3

… and the very cool lion buttons

blog 4

As Dress That Man notes: “Think about Lilly Pulitzer next time you have that glass of citrus juice…”

This blazer is currently available on eBay here.


2 responses to “Winning a Pulitzer

  1. Oooo, lion buttons! What a great find!

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